Practical Ways

Some practical ways of integrating yoga into regular everyday situations can be as simple as doing stretches in your office or your chair. This will allow your natural positive energy to flow and to keep you relaxed. The daily world with its numerous distractions, stressful situations and quick pace can easily knock you off of the balanced and energetic state that you’ve achieved through yoga and healthful practices. Things like time and energy are commodities, since you probably work every day or have responsibilities to keep. By integrating some simple and relaxing yoga stretches into your everyday hustle and bustle, you may find that it gives you the healthy break that you need. More…

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Malcolm is Gone and He will be Missed by Many Genoa City

The Winter’s family has one less member after the end of this week. Malcolm is presumed dead in an auto/river accident. On the heels of a heated argument with Neil, Malcolm has been involved in an accident and his body has not been recovered.


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