Stress Can Be Very Dangerous

Some people have stressful jobs and stressful lives. Everything worries them. They don’t realize what should concern them more is the stress itself. It is a killer. This is particularly true if you have diabetes or other serious illnesses.

Your body changes when you are stressed about something. This can be from good news that makes you nervous such as speaking before a crowd. Or it can be stress from fear or chaos in your life. The body speeds up to try and help you get through the stressful times. This makes your heart beat faster and may effect your breathing as well. Your blood pressure soars. Basically it causes wear and tear on your body that can lead to serious health problems.

Here are ways to reduce stress in your life:

Get enough sleep.
Eat good meals and foods low in sugar and fat.
Take your medications regularly.
Get enough exercise.

Talk over your problems with your friends and family. If stress is very bad and nothing helps alleviate it, look into getting counseling.

Take time to do the things you enjoy. Have fun.
If you are a believer, go to your place of worship and put your problems in God’s hands.

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