Slightly Angered

I used to work at McDonalds for almost 3 years. The goal for us was to provide a quick tasty meal for people on the go. It’s quite a convenience when you think about it. But for people like this guy to ruin it for everybody by claiming that he’s morbidly obese at the fault of fast food chains and not of his own is just rediculous. Quite honestly it just goes to show you that:

1.) People in USA these days can sue for anything
2.) Responsiblity for ones actions is easier to handle when the blame is placed elsewhere (No one made him eat there…)
3.) Some folks will stoop to any rediculous lengths for money.

what do you all think about this subject?

I agree with you amy… people that have eating disorders do not like to accept their weakness. They use food as a crutch, either way it goes, to much or not enough. If you punish yourself with food, you can not blame anyone but yourself. McDonald’s is not like a bar, they can not say, “Sorry your too fat, we can not serve you anymore food!” Silly huh?
Maybe they should start a weight limit on their customers, if your over 300lb you can not eat there. Like we have a legal drinking age, maybe we should have a legal eating out weight. Anyone we see as to large can no longer eat fast food, they all have to servive on the contents of their frig.! Until they reach the desired size, then they may eat out again!
What do you think he is going to do if he gets a million dollars, sit on his butt, and eat burgers and fries until he drops dead! He needs to face up to his own problems and quit killing himself with food. I know i have had an eating disorder most of my life, it sux, but it is a personal problem I am getting help for. Food is just like drugs to me, but you just can’t say no. I tried that it put me in the hospital many times. My heart goes out to this man, but he really only wants a free ride. Sad! Rhonda(newbie)

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