Celebrate Imolg With Light!

Imolg is the celebration of light, February 2nd.  This festival on the Wheel is also known as Candlemas.  The Festival of Light is a celebration of the Celtic triple goddess Brigid in her maiden form. She resides over fire, light, birth.  Her aspects include matron of writing, poetry, the arts and healing.

Imolg is a time for sending out the winter months and recognizing the first stirrings of spring. It is a time to dance around the fire-filled cauldron and feel the beginnings of our world and the birth of Earth’s new creatures.

Use pine from the Yule celebrations to stoke the fire, bringing prosperity and good luck to the household. Sweep out the dust of winter and re-cleanse the doorways and windows. Honey, rosehips, witch hazel and sage are all perfect herbs to strewn and use in spells at this point on the Wheel.

Decorate your festival table with white, yellow and pale pastel candles. Decorate with representations of crocus, one of the earliest flowers. Use dragon’s blood to scent the air and fill your guests with its power.

If you have very personal work to do, this is the time to get it started. Whether magical work or projects you’ve put off.  Imolg encompasses all that is growth and birth. If you hand your desires to the Lady, she will carry them through the year from her current Maiden stage to her Crone or wisdom stage, watching you as you gather knowledge with her on her journey through the Wheel.

Light your Imolg with love and laughter. Celebrate all that is growth in your life. Throw open your arms and revel in the awakening around you.

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