Malcolm is Gone and He will be Missed by Many Genoa City

The Winter’s family has one less member after the end of this week. Malcolm is presumed dead in an auto/river accident. On the heels of a heated argument with Neil, Malcolm has been involved in an accident and his body has not been recovered.

Malcolm and Neil have been a strong part of the Y&R landscape for many years now. They have been through good times and bad and now Neil will have to face his greatest tragedy alone.

Malcolm was a brother, a friend, a lover and an all around good guy. He was always there for his friends like Phyllis and he was always there for Neil even in the worst of times. He will be missed by many people in Genoa City.

Gerard Green has a lot of great things ahead of him. He has already been in feature films, hosted a television show and I am sure Y&R fans will be seeing him in the future in a lot of projects. The loss of Shemar and Malcolm from the show reduces a once strong African-American contingent to just three, Neil, Olvia and Alex. Y&R has always been a great show for diversity in its cast and I hope that even with Malcolm gone they will find a way to bring on more diverse characters and actors.

Of course Malcolm’s body has not been found and I bet they never find him and anyone who has watched soaps for more than a week knows that no body means maybe not really dead. Who knows Malcolm may show up a few years from now alive and well! And that would be just fine with me!

Young and Restless Online wishes Shemar Moore the best of luck and success in whatever new projects come his way!

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