How to Stimulate Growth Hormone

A common performance and physical enhancement drug is Somatropin or HGH, also known as recombinant human growth hormone. It is an imitation form of somatotropin, otherwise known as GH (growth hormone) that the human body makes naturally. Somatropin functions exactly like natural GH.

There are three main abilities that HGH has that bodybuilders and athletes desire. In the first place, the development of new muscle cells is promoted by HGH. Genetics determines the number of muscle cells in a person. Once puberty has taken place, growth hormone levels decrease and the maturation of muscle cells stops. From then on, the size of these cells can be increased only by participating in weight training.

Steroids are not the same as HGH because steroids increase the diameter of muscle cells, mainly with water weight. Only lean muscle mass is gained when HGH is used as an enhancement drug for performance by a person. The weight increase is gradual, typically one or two pounds of lean muscle in approximately two or three weeks. But if you take HGH and get bigger muscles, you can change what you are physically capable of doing and reach goals you never could have reached without HGH.

Increased metabolism and energy is the second effect of HGH treatment that is desired. There is more natural GH made by the human body in youth and puberty. This is the real reason why children have so much energy. But, the body creates a lesser amount of GH as people get older.

Using HGH supplements can elevate your levels of energy and metabolism. This can give you an energetic feeling as well as decrease body fat. As a matter of fact, HGH secretion causes IGF-1 secretion, as HGH acts as a precursor to IGF-1. IGF-1 demands that your body obtain its energy from the fat you already have in your body and not from the food you eat. Weight loss begins to occur even during times of inactivity.

Shortening the recovery period for muscles after working out is the third effect that users of human growth hormone desire. It is able to make joints and ligaments stronger, plus it restores injured tissue. In addition, as it is a substance that is natural, detection is not as easy as it is with other drugs that enhance performance.

Growth hormone deficiency is able to be corrected by the use of HGH. Endocrinologists prescribe it frequently for children who are afflicted with slow growth. The FDA has verified HGH treatment for this purpose. But the FDA has not approved HGH for enhancing physical performance in adults. However people who want to take HGH for these reasons might purchase HGH on the Internet.

There is a popular misconception about using HGH that alleges that people who take HGH have strange bone growth. This is false. When puberty is done, the ends of long bones connect and don’t grow anymore.

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